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Possibly my last post…

Well, I hope not, and am knocking on wood right now….

This morning I arrived in Mendoza, Argentina.  Mendoza is a city in the north that sits right on the edge of the Andes mountains.  It is most known for being the wine region of Argentina and probably South America as a whole.

I took the bus last night by myself and arrived here at 8am (John decided to stay back in BsAs with his future wife).  Last week I met a few Dutch girls who mentioned they were going to be coming here also, and we managed to meet up at the bus station and head to the same hostel.  In a few hours we are all going paragliding.  When I signed up for it, I thought it was hangliding, but apparently I was mistaken.  Anyway, should be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we are thinking of doing a wine/bike tour.  Basically you go from winery to winery on bikes getting drunk along the way on great Argentinian wines.  Should get interesting…

If I have time, I am also going to go white water rafting.  I have always wanted to do it, and it is only like $30 here, so its hard to say no.

I am also having my first real hostel experience.  The last few times we stayed in hostels we did the private room thing, but this one I am in a shared room.  I was supposed to be in a room with some russian guy, but the room did not have lockers so I asked for another.  The only other room had 3 spanish girls, so I decided that I would suffer and take that one ;)

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be writing again in the next few days to let you know how it goes.  Bye for now!

I Love Buenos Aires

Everyday my friend John and I sit around and try to come up with bad things about this city, but so far we have been pretty unsuccessful. Here are some of the reasons why this city is so good:

1) Food – The food here is REALLY GOOD, and EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE. I am really picky about what I eat, but I haven’t had too many issues here. For example, here is one meal I had recently: Caprese Salad (soooo good) + Filet Mignion + AMAZING bottle of wine = $25 USD / person. The equivalent meal in Toronto would cost roughly $150.

2) Women – I have never seen more beautiful women in my life than I have here in Buenos Aires. When I walk down Santa Fe (one of the main streets) I will see more attractive women here in about 30 minutes than I would see in Toronto in an entire year (and the girls in Toronto aren’t that ugly). As I read on one site, even the ugly girls are cute.

Not only are the girls so good looking, they are also really nice and generous. For example, a couple of days ago I went out for dinner with a beautiful girl that I met here. When it came time to pay the bill I pretty much had to fight her for it, and she got really mad at me for paying. She insisted that she should pay. That would never happen in Canada.

3) People – The people that I have met here so far have been some of the nicest people I have ever met. We have been offered free places to stay, invited to peoples’ homes for BBQs (or Asado as they call it here) and much more.

4) Barrios – Buenos Aires has many different areas (barrios in spanish) and all of them have a unique character. You can go hang out at an amazing (and very cheap) restaurant in Palermo Hollywood, walk through the parks of Palermo, go shopping in Recolleta, or head to San Telmo to watch some tango. These are just a few examples, as there is way more that I am missing.

5) Prices – Other than apartments, which can get pricey if you want something really nice, everything else here is so cheap. Here are some examples:
Subway Ride: $0.30
Taxi (for about a 10-15 min ride) – $3
Decent sit down lunch in a relatively nice restaurant – $8
Drinks in nightclubs – $3-$5
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 500ml – $1.10
Bus Ride to city 10 hours away – $60 for what would probably be called business class
Tickets to a huge concert with many international DJs and probably 100,000 people – $40

6) Nightlife – All the clubs we have gone to so far are amazing, and everyone is having a really good time. Not to mention, you don’t go out until 2am as most nightclubs don’t even start to get busy until 3am. They go until about 8am.

Anyway, I could probably go on and on but I don’t feel like writing a 2000 word post. I will end this with some pics:

My friend Matias on the grill making us a nice steak dinner

The roof of our current apartment… soooooo nice. There is also a pool, gym and restaurant up on the roof that are out of this pic, but the park is my favorite.

On the boat to Uruguay with some people we met here

Nice area called Puerto Madero

Everyone getting ready to go out for Halloween at Borges Design Hostel

Ciao for now… hasta luego!

This Blogging Thing Is Harder Than It Seems…

So, its been ages since my last post and a lot has changed/happened.  Thanks Giorgio for the reminder that I need to get back on this thing with an update on what is going on in my life.  To celebrate this new post, I thought I would change the theme on the blog to something that I didn’t hate as much.  The old theme was really getting to me and I think I need a change.

I think part of the reason for the lack of updates, has been a lack of motivation overall from me over the past few months.  So, in an effort to combat this, I am gonna get some things off my mind in this blog post.

I, like many other affiliates I know, am falling into ‘the trap’ and becoming very lazy.  Part of the reason for this is because when I was at IBM my job was a complete joke and 95% of my time was spent sitting around doing nothing.  Funny enough, with the remaining 5% of the time when I actually worked I managed to get the highest promotion levels and reviews from my managers… go figure.  This wasn’t because I didn’t want to work, there just simply wasn’t any work to be done.  Could you imagine what they would think of me if I really busted my ass the whole time I was working putting in 100%!!!

To some people this would be the dream job, but I’ve never been like that and have always appreciated a good challenge.  In fact, this could be partly why I am getting lazy lately, because I figure if I do nothing or very little work, things will get harder for me and I will have to start busting my ass again…. WRONG!

In fact, being lazy is actually having an opposite affect and it seems that every month keeps getting even better.  I guess I am riding the fruits of my labour in the past as they are starting to pay off, but I know this won’t last forever so I really am making a strong effort to turn this bad cycle around.

I’ve tried taking vacations, breaks, getting up earlier, excessive drinking, but really nothing seems to be working.  The reality is, none of these things are gonna change anything and I am the only one that can do that.  So, going forward I am really going to make an effort to change this.  I am going to make more goals and set more targets for myself.  I think that will help.  Anyone got any suggestions on staying motivated?

Hell, I’ll do 2 back to back blog posts now to prove that I am trying to break the laziness!

Additional Shout Out / Poker Affiliate Tip

Shout out to Chris from Poker Affiliate Solutions (or PAS for short).  Chris told me tonight that he had my blog in his blog reader (Google reader is my choice) and was also hinting that I should do an upate.  I am just glad that I finally know who the other RSS reader is beside me ;)  JK… i know there are a few of you out there and appreciate that you care what I have to say.  Anyway, PAS provide services to affiliates such as the ability to create a rakeback section on your site and offer deals that you wouldn’t be able to get normally without knowing someone.  I have created a rakeback section on my site using their software and so far it has been great, though I am sure Chris is thinking it would be greater if I sent them more players ;)  They have a really cool admin back-end and it makes things really easy.  All you have to do is bring the players, so if you haven’t checked them out I recommend dropping them a line today if you are looking to offer something like this on your site.  Chris also has a blog over on PAS which is even more overdue for an update than mine!  You should get on that Chris ;)

Balling Chair / I Love Online Marketing

Today I decided to ball-out on a chair and picked up the Herman Miller Aeron.  I figure I spend enough time on my chair to justify the high price tag, and lately my back has been bothering me a bit.

Anyway, back to online marketing.  Here are some of the things I love about it:

1) You can wake up whenever you want, though I still force myself to get up early.
2) Most days I work from home for half a day then head over to Starbucks and do work from there.
3) You can go out any night of the week, and if you stay out late it just means you work a little later the next day.
4) Watching all the people working the 9-5 with their half hour lunch breaks thanking god I am not one of them.
5) Freedom to take vacations whenever you want… no more 3 weeks per year.
6) The ability to work anywhere in the world, though I have yet to take advantage of this one yet.

There are some bad things though, and it is a bit of a struggle at times.  Here are some of the negatives:
1) Keeping yourself motivated is WAY harder than I imagined.  Its so easy to get distracted and not do anything all day.
2) Accounting sucks.  Even with an accountant you have to do a lot of stuff.
3) Creativity can drop – I feel that sometimes I am not as creative as I used to be as I get caught up in day-to-day work far too often.

Anyway, just wanted to post that I am so happy I made the leap from the corporate world and left IBM.  I have heard that my old job will probably be non-existant by next year as it is being off-shored to South America.  Its really a shame that big corporations are so short sighted and if they just figured out the problems they had where they were currently located, they’d probably never have to do these things.

So to end on a positive note, life is good :)

The History of Bankroll Boost

For those who don’t know me, let me give you a little history about how I became a poker affiliate.

It all started about a year and a half ago.  My friend and I were talking about ways we could make money online and he suggested promoting poker sites.  Considering we both loved to play poker, I thought this would be an interesting idea, so we gave it a shot.  We created a really basic site, where we planned to give away a portion of our commissions in the form of products (books, poker chip sets, etc.) to players in exchange for their signup.  This didn’t last long, because for one it took our site over a month to get listed in google, and we were wondering where all the traffic was. (thinking it would just come rolling in).  I posted on PAW that I NEEDED HELP, which is when I got some of the best advice I have ever received from another PAW member, offyourface.  His advice really helped me take the blinders off and make some drastic improvements to my site.  Without some of his amazing suggestions I probably would not be where I am today and much of the advice I received in that thread is still on the site today.  I started adding tons of content and all my free time was spent working on the site.  My friend was starting to lose interest because the site still was not making money, so we made a deal and I bought the whole site from him.

Then came one of the biggest turning points in my site’s history.  Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to attend the Casino Affiliate Convention in Las Vegas.  I won the trip package from a contest run by the affiliate program.  Basically, I had to redesign my site in a way to give better exposure to  There were many entries, but my site was selected as the winner.  They gave me the money to pay for my flight and hotel, and being the deal savvy person that I am, I got my trip for around $800 (staying at the Hard Rock one night, and Bally’s (kinda ghetto) the other.  With the remainder of the money I invested in my site (bear in mind, my site was making peanuts and this was more money then it had ever made).  In Vegas I met and hung out with some amazing people.  Most of the time Brandon Berndt (now affiliate manager at Chan Poker) let me tag along with him and introduced me to many people, but I also got to hang out with Jeremy Enke, Kyle Healey, Greg Powell, Justin Goff along with many other great people that I still talk to all the time.  These guys were and still are some of the best in the industry and I formed some great relationships from that trip with all of them.  Whether we were at the Stinky Fish Poker (the site that never made it) party to hanging out in Greg Powell’s room at the MGM hotel I had a great time in Vegas and still remember it like it was yesterday.

I took home a lot of ideas from Vegas and (when I recovered from all the partying) I started to go really hard and work on my site.  I invested the money mentioned previously in a new design from my homeboys at Alance and also bought some advertising space on a few sites.  I continued to read up on SEO and studied other sites to see what they were doing well, then implemented these strategies into my own site.

Since then, my site has continued to grow and I am sure it has a lot to do with many of those mentioned in this post.  Thank you all!

I will end this post with some of the best advice I have received/can give to those starting up in online marketing:
Content is King – The more content you have on your site, the more easier it is for the search engines to find you.
Find a Niche – My site is a bad example, but I have several other tiny niche sites that make a fair amount of money.
Learn SEO – SEO is the single easiest way to advertise without spending any money…. well maybe a little
Design Your Sites for the Customer – This industry is very competitive so you want to attract your customers quickly, because the BACK button is only a click away.
It Takes Money to Make Money – Sometimes you’ll have to spend some money to make money.  If you invest early in your site it will make things move much faster.  But remember when spending your money, do it smart, and do some research.
That is all I can think of for now, and don’t worry, I will elaborate more on all of these later on.