Top things I hate about drivers in Toronto

Well, I was originally going to do this as a facebook status update, but I was limited to something like 450 characters. Anyway, I don’t know what it is about Toronto but people suck at driving. I have travelled to lots of different places and I think we probably have some of the worst drivers in the world. After another fun night of driving (and bear in mind I was out for only about 20 minutes yet most of these things happened) I have compiled together a list of things I hate about drivers in Toronto:

- People who don’t signal – they put that thing in your car for a reason
- People who break for no apparent reason
- People driving slow or not letting other cars pass when they are in the fast lane
- People who can’t figure out what lane they are in and sway from one to another (even though their may be another car in the lane beside them
- People who block traffic in other lanes because they don’t know how to merge
- People who enter an intersection late to try and make a light only to block traffic in another direction
- People who rush off a light to get in front or just to block someone else from getting into their lane, but slow right down after
- People who can’t adjust their driving to the weather conditions

I could probably go on, but thats enough ranting for one day.

For those going to London for LAC see you next week! Drop me a line if you will be there.

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