Back in Buenos Aires

Man is it nice to be back here after freezing my butt off in Canada for the last little while.  Not much has changed here and it is still lots of fun as usual.  Since being back I have managed to catch up with some friends that I met last time, and start spanish classes again.

I found a pretty kick-ass apartment and I have actually been able to get a little more work done.  Here are some pics of the new place:

Fortunately this apartment has wifi, so I can even sit outside and do work.  Right now its around 30+ degrees everyday and there is always a nice cool breeze.

Also I have joined a gym and am trying to be a little more healthy.  Reading Justin’s new site has really made me start thinking about getting back into a more proper workout routine/diet, rather than just going to the gym a few times per week.

Anyway, I’ll try and write more later, but unforunately I HAVE HOMEWORK/STUDYING TO DO… I know… WTF?

2 thoughts on “Back in Buenos Aires”

  1. What up nukka! Na, I am in Buenos Aires right now. Things good… lucked out with this apartment, but have to give it back in a few weeks. Hope all is well with u!

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