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Just got back from a nice week long vacation in Jamaica.  It was lots of fun, and I really needed the break.  I got to see Bob Marley’s birthplace, and climbed Mt. Zion, went to Dunn’s River Falls (see below) and just hung out on the beach eating lots of Jerk Chicken and other good food.  Here are a couple pics:

Dunns River Falls
Dunns River Falls

Our Resort at Night

Anyway, back to work now :)

I was talking with beanie today about possibly doing some link exchanges with his awsome poker blog.  Beanie being the nice guy that he is, said I don’t even really need to give him any links as I could just post my own stories on his site myself when I create an account.  In my head alarm bells rang off: FREE LINKS!

So, I registered an account, added an article from my site and it was up instantaneously on the homepage.  If this isn’t a great way to get free links, I don’t know what is.  The site kinda works like a poker digg, and anyone can submit stories which can be voted on by the users of the site.  So, if you just wrote an excellent peice of content and want to get it out there fast, why not submit it on his site.  This can be a great way to help your SEO efforts as it will get your story on one of the best poker blogs on the Internet and a PR3 site right away.

But PLEASE!  If you are going to use this service, don’t abuse it.  Try to submit only your best stuff, and not your latest review of xxxx poker site.  I am sure Beanie would also appreciate it if you gave him some link love back also :D

Thanks Beanie!

5 thoughts on “Cool Way To Get Free Poker Links”

  1. hay great site and thanks for the info about getting a link from poker blog i’m off to do that now but will read all the stuff on there first. i need links as i have a new site my first ever. i really enjoy doing it. (good job i do coz nobody comes to it) but hopefully if i keep adding original content and getting links i’ll make it in the end. just wanted to say thanks, so THANKS

  2. Hi just a quick comment to say i have come to your site and this is the first time, thanks for the tip on getting a link from poker blog i’m off to do that in a min but will read all the good stuff on there first. i need links as i have just made my first poker related site and een tho nobody comes to it i really enjoy doing it. hopefully soon with more links and more original content people will come. Just wanted to say thanks, so THANKS. And i have bookmarked you and will come back often. cheers

  3. I have been building links by submitting articles to some websites as well and I have found it an excellent way to build relevant links to your blog no matter what niche you’re working in.


  4. Nice site the “free poker links” thrilled me so much and i came to read this wonderful site i am looking for links for my poker site which is new i will go through detail of this site which in one watch looks interesting

    - steve

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