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Don’t Go To Venezuela / Welcome to ’09!

First off, this is the first post in 2009 so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I had a good new year until the end of the night when my jacket managed to walk its way out of the restaurant that I was at.  This is never a good thing to happen especially after a ton of alcohol as when I got home I sent some stupid email to the restaurant.  Anyway, turns out someone “mistakingly” left with my coat and it is waiting at the restaurant now to be picked up.  So… the point of me telling this story.. don’t use your computer when you are really drunk.

Yesterday I got back from a week in Margarita Island, Venezuela with my good friend Greg.  It was a nice relaxing trip, but I would probably never go back there.  The people were pretty rude, unfriendly and didn’t seem to welcoming to tourists.  For example, I went to the mall and tried to order a pretzel, the girl just looked at me with one of the coldest looks and was like “no”.  I couldn’t tell if they didn’t have them or if she just didn’t want to sell one to me.  Also, when we were leaving the Country at the airport they had these Chavez dolls that talked.  I decided to push the button to hear what it said and some douchebag came over and said, “you aren’t going to buy it so why are you doing that”.  I just looked at him and said, “this is why your country sucks and why I’ll never come back”.  I am so tempted to register MargaritaIslandSucks.com right now, but I’ll sit on it for now.

I shouldn’t say that all the people were bad ovbiously, as one of the bartenders at our resort was awsome, but I think he was probably the only nice Venezuelan we met down there.  I even asked some Venzuelan/Canadian girl about the general attitude we had been receiving at one of the clubs and was told simply: “they don’t like gringos here”.  On top of that the island itself had a communist feel to it, and at times didn’t feel very safe.  When I asked one girl about going to a club one night she must have told me about 5 times to “cuidado” which means be careful in spanish.

The trip wasn’t all bad though.  I spent most of my time there lying on a beach getting a tan, doing little to no work.  We left the resort quite a bit and took a jeep tour of the island which was a ton of fun.  It was 8 hours long and included a boat tour, open air jeep driving around the island (you could stand in the back which was a ton of fun), off-road driving, lunch, stop at a beach, and much more all for just $50.  Here are some pics of that:

The food at the resort was pretty decent, so I can’t really complain about that.  One thing that was a little annoying though was Greg and I were probably the only single guys at the resort so the “girls” situation was awful.  Long story short.. if you are thinking of going to Margarita Island, I’d pick somewhere else (like Jamaica) instead.

Well, next week I am headed back to Buenos Aires :)  I am so excited to get back there as the winter cold is killing me being inside all the time.  I need to get out and move around as I feel that winter makes me feel so much unhealthier.

As for ’09, I think this will be a good year.  My main goals are to start expanding on non-gambling projects and investigate other areas of online marketing.  I think my strong points are consulting others so if possible I would like to focus on that a little more.  Hopefully this year I can come up with a more long term goal for myself as right now I still have no clue what I want to do with my life.  Time will tell!  If anyone is planning to come to BsAs (Buenos Aires) or wants to, send me a note.  Best to everyone with this year!