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Welcome to 2008!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and New Year celebrations, but now its time to get back to work. I have been really lazy with work over the past few weeks (mostly due to all the rich food, and good wine), but all that has to come to a stop now. Its 2008, a new year full of tons of amazing opportunities. All the mistakes I have made are now in the past, and I can only look towards the future.

I think this is gonna be an exciting year for me, and I expect it to be a crucial year for me in my overall life. I plan to stop being so complacent in my life and start DOing a lot more!

I have already bought a few books, which I plan to have completed by year end. I will write more about them as I read them, but right now I am on The 4-hour Work Week.

I plan on working on all my sites even more, including a few redesigns and reviving some projects that were put on the side.

I plan to start responding to my emails more, as I have been getting pretty lazy responding them all. To accomplish this, I purchased a new Blackberry.

I would like to start giving back more. This idea still needs to be worked on how I will do it, but hopefully I can inspire some people on this blog.

There are probably a few more things that I am leaving out, so I will add them later as I think of them.

Its a new year, and I can’t wait to play this one out!

Happy new year everyone!