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New Year / New Design

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone that reads my blog!  To start the year off right, I figured I would give this site a new look and opted on using the free Mystique Theme.  It has a whole bunch of cool widgets, and best of all, IT IS FREE!

Hopefully everyone has recovered from the New Year celebrations and is back working now.  I had a nice little break, though feel like I am getting a bit sick now (obv from all the partying over the holidays).

I read one of the weirdest stories today about how iPoker is banning winning players.  As an affiliate I think this is absolutely retarded of them and makes me less eager to work with iPoker Rooms.  Basically they are coming out and saying we only like when players lose.  I don’t know about other affiliates but I have always wanted to attract and help poker players get good and win more money, because at the end of the day it means more money in all of our pockets.  Them sending out this message just makes online poker in general look bad.  Hopefully the sites affected can get this straightened out and band together to create a new network.

I don’t really have much else to say other than Happy New Year just want to make sure the new theme is working properly.

Here is a cool video of Travis Pastrana making a car fly on New Years Eve:

Also, if anyone wants to do any link exchanges just comment below, or send me a message on PAL (if Jeremy ever gets the server fixed ;)).