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Great Motivational Video

So, today is my birthday and I have already decided that this year I am going to break a lot of old bad habits and start “doing” a lot more.  Anyway, while trying to find something to watch before going to bed I decided that instead of watching some show that is entertaining, why not use this as a chance to possibly improve myself (even if its in the slightest).  I started to look for motivational videos and came accross this blog.  I chose to watch the “Nick Vujicic – Life Without Limbs” video and have to say it was very intresting and I think everyone can probably get something out of it. Nick was born without arms or legs. At 23 years old he now spends his time travelling the world doing motivational speaking, helping people and investing his money in the stock and real estate markets.  Here is the video if you have about 30 minutes (thought it seems to kinda cut off in one part and at the end). Enjoy!: