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Back in Canada

drinkinggameWell, I’ve been back home for about a week now and have been kinda sick since getting back.  Definitely miss Argentina and can’t wait to head back again.

Tax season is upon us now and one of my least favorite times of the year.  Nothing is more fun then sending the government a big fat ass check that they are just gonna blow on stupid bullshit.

Missed out on Amsterdam this time, but looks like everyone is having a blast as usual.  Trying to decide which conference to go to next.  Where is everyone else going?

Jeremy Miller launched a blog recently.  Please, turn off the stupid “YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO COMMENT”… where’s the fun in that!

Been having some awful poker sessions as of late.  Just the other day was playing some 2/4 PLO and hit a set on the turn in a decent sized pot.  The other guy bet, I reraised big, and he shoved me all in on a JT53 board (I hit 5’s).  I made the call, and he showed AA97???  Anyway, river came an Ace… gg asshole.  I need to stop playing.

This weekend is the Toronto FC opener and my brother is taking me (allegedly).  I don’t always believe everything he says, but he seems to be serious so hopefully its a go because I really want to go to the game.  Gotta pick up a new jersey for that.

Other than that, life is boring… can’t wait to travel again.

/end boring post

In Cordoba

So, Cheryle reminded me today that it has been a while since I wrote anything so here it goes…

Right now I am in Cordoba, Argentina.  John and I took a 10 hour bus ride to get here last Friday and we have been here for a week now.  Cordoba is smaller than Buenos Aires, but still a pretty big city at around 3 Million people.  It is known for having arguabaly the hottest girls in the world, which I can personally attest to.

Anyway, so we arrived Friday and met these girls that we had met in Buenos Aires at the bus terminal.  My friend Daniella had a car, so they were able to drive us to where we were staying.  We got to our hostel (Cordoba Hostel) which we quickly learned was quite a shithole.  Probably one of the worst places I have stayed, but lately things that used to bother me are a lot less significant.

We partied with the girls for a few days and on Sunday morning we went with them to Villa General Belgrano in the Sierras of Cordoba (Mountains) after coming home from the nightclub and sleeping for about an hour.  That was a really great day as we walked around a bunch, had a nice lunch and went to a river in the middle of nowhere to lie in the sun and listen to music.  As you can probably tell not much work is being done this week.

Later in the week we switched to another Hostel as I couldn’t stand the other.  We lucked out at Cordoba Backpackers and got a private room which was like an appt with TV etc.  Way nicer!

Tuesday was my birthday.  We went out with the girls to a really nice steakhouse and probably one of the nicest restaurants in Cordoba.  We ate some of the best and biggest steaks I have ever eaten with tons of apps and side dishes (plus wine obv) and the total bill for the four of us was under $100 USD.  This place is awsome.  After dinner the girls had to go home as they had an exam the next day, but they dropped us off by the busier bars and we went for some drinks.  Eventually we ended up at this one bar and started chatting with the bartenders and managers.  Within about 30 minutes we made plans to go out with them when the bar closed to a nightclub that was close by.  The club was interesting (lots of hippies and mainly rock music), but we had lots of fun and I had a ton of Fernet and cokes (local drink that tastes kinda like medicine).

Anyway, right now we are trying to decide whether to leave tonight on the overnight bus which is much nicer, or party here one more night and wait till morning to go.

This has prob been a pretty boring entry, but I felt like I should throw something up as it had been a while.  Also, I’ll try and get some pics up soon, but I don’t have my laptop with me right now.