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Robot Porn!!!!

After years of linking to Brandon Berndt’s blog on my here I finally asked him why he never gave me a reciprocal link.  I mean I always send him nice messages to see how his day is going and thought we were pretty good friends, but apparently my site is not link worthy on his blog.  When I inquired about getting a link Brandon said he would only link to my site if there was robot porn on it.  Here is the link he gave me:

I didn’t really get it, but apparently he has an obsession with Robot Porn and who am I to judge.  So in exchange for the link, here is your Robot Porn Mr. Berndt:

And now for the video….

BrandonBerndt.com Re-launches!

Brandon and ShenazDISCLAIMER: The following blog post is intended as a joke only.  Regardless of what is said in this post Brandon really is a hard worker, is not gay, and is a close friend of mine.

The highly anticipated re-launch of BrandonBerndt.com is finally here! After over a year of no updates and many emails from fans yearning for the latest “Brandon Gossip”, Brandon has finally done it and re-launched his Blog.

One of the reasons for the new site Berndt told one of our reporters is, “people google my name a lot”. He is considered somewhat of a celebrity amongst his fellow Poker Affiliate Managers.

The new blog gives you a real insight into what Brandon does all day as a Poker Room Manager / Affiliate Program Director (at least when he is not gambling online during company time, out for a day on the golf course, or questioning his own sexuality). But after all, its not all glamour and fun. There is some hard work* (seen here on his BlackBerry during a dinner in London) involved and the hours are long.

Brandon is by far one of my favorite affiliate managers to work with, and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with him on various projects. If you aren’t already working with him, I suggest you check out the Chan Poker affiliate program.

The most recent post is an article about how to run an affiliate progam (something many affiliate programs NEED to read….hint, hint, spin32).

As mentioned before, many people have been waiting for this relaunch. John Goldie of FiveSomething.com told us, “I can’t really breathe, Brandon’s blog is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. He is like the affiliate manager equivilant of a Japanese Ninja Master. Congrats.”

I look forward to the future updates on Brandon’s new blog and if you haven’t done so already I suggest you bookmark this one. Nice job Brandon!

* Thought it looks like he might be working, we really cannot confirm that he is actually doing anything. For all we know he is just playing Brick Breaker.