Balling Chair / I Love Online Marketing

Today I decided to ball-out on a chair and picked up the Herman Miller Aeron.  I figure I spend enough time on my chair to justify the high price tag, and lately my back has been bothering me a bit.

Anyway, back to online marketing.  Here are some of the things I love about it:

1) You can wake up whenever you want, though I still force myself to get up early.
2) Most days I work from home for half a day then head over to Starbucks and do work from there.
3) You can go out any night of the week, and if you stay out late it just means you work a little later the next day.
4) Watching all the people working the 9-5 with their half hour lunch breaks thanking god I am not one of them.
5) Freedom to take vacations whenever you want… no more 3 weeks per year.
6) The ability to work anywhere in the world, though I have yet to take advantage of this one yet.

There are some bad things though, and it is a bit of a struggle at times.  Here are some of the negatives:
1) Keeping yourself motivated is WAY harder than I imagined.  Its so easy to get distracted and not do anything all day.
2) Accounting sucks.  Even with an accountant you have to do a lot of stuff.
3) Creativity can drop – I feel that sometimes I am not as creative as I used to be as I get caught up in day-to-day work far too often.

Anyway, just wanted to post that I am so happy I made the leap from the corporate world and left IBM.  I have heard that my old job will probably be non-existant by next year as it is being off-shored to South America.  Its really a shame that big corporations are so short sighted and if they just figured out the problems they had where they were currently located, they’d probably never have to do these things.

So to end on a positive note, life is good :)

3 thoughts on “Balling Chair / I Love Online Marketing”

  1. I absolutely love being an internet marketing professional. After doing this for about 3 years now i can never see myself working a “real job” – I love the feeling of working for yourself and creating your own wealth.

    There is nothing like it and i wouldn’t trade it for any job in the world. Long live the internet marketer.

    Speak later bud.

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