Wow! I Have Been Lazy…

Its been a long time since I updated this thing, as I have been going a little stir crazy trying to get all the things done that I have been putting off both prior to quitting my job and things that have come up since doing it. But I figure the time has come and this site needs an update bad.

So, as I mentioned I left IBM roughly 2 weeks ago and have been doing the full time thing ever since. The biggest pain since doing this has been trying to organize all my stuff for taxes. I have spent so many days thinking about taxes, organizing paperwork, etc. that my head is starting to spin. Fortunately, I met with an accountant and he is gonna get me more organized so hopefully this won’t be an issue next year.

Beyond that, I also bought a fairly large poker forum a few months back which I have been busting my ass to try and build it back up. It was almost at the point where it was starting to die off, but I think it has come back to life a little and it is starting to get very busy again. I have been wasting far too much time with this site though, and it is really cutting into my productivity. I’ve basically had to teach myself all sorts of stuff with vBulletin (such as how to upgrade it, install plugins and much more). It has been an interesting experience, but very -ev dollar wise so far. Thankfully most of the crap is now out of the way so I can start focussing on other things once again.

Ok… enough of the boring stuff… since I have been doing the affiliate stuff full-time I have been doing a lot of my work out Starbucks, so let me end this on a positive note with…..

Top 5 Reasons I Love Doing Work at Starbucks

5) Relatively cheap internet. At $35 for a whole month, I can’t really complain.
4) It gets me out of the house so I don’t become a hermit.
3) After a few of their coffees you feel like you are on crack as you get super-wired. Their coffee is really good too. :)
2) I get to watch everyone else who is working real jobs run in for a minute and run back out, while I chill there in the nice comfy chairs.
1) The scenery. There are so many pretty girls / yummy mummies that come in there all the time that it sure beats staring at my wall.


So far the full-time thing is going pretty good, but I am finding it hard to keep myself motivated all the time. Anyone got any tips?

6 thoughts on “Wow! I Have Been Lazy…”

  1. If you wanna get stuff done you gotta wake up early. You can get a lot done when your distractions are offline/sleeping. Working in the daytime/evening can be hard with friends and family calling you. That’s how I roll at least.

  2. Good idea John.. I’ve been trying to do that, but keep getting distracted late at night and end up staying up till all hours of the morning. That is definitely one of my goals though, and I plan on working on that more.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Thats funny I was just going to post that. Had a conversation with another affiliate yesterday where I mentioned that i work late because there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day, yet I am exhausted the next day so much of my attention has been distracted by other things. If I am on a normal sleep schedule I am way more productive even with the decline in time spent online. Make sense…

  4. Hey Graham,

    Good to see you started posting again.

    I would say, about getting a bit organized, maybe you should get a white board, and write down everything that comes up. You will have to set priorities, but for me it works great. Sometimes I write stuff down and get to it straight away, so I can erase it shortly after.

    It works kind a’ like a “vision board”.

    I also like the Starbucks idea, unfortunately we don’t have ‘em here, hence a place like it WITH Internet :)

    By the way, I recently bought myself a vBulletin license as well, including vBSEO. I feel what you write dude, I have been waisting too much time setting it up as well, but it starts to look decent now and my members seem to like it.

    Cheers! Talk to you soon,


  5. Hey Giorgio…

    I have tried to do that, but I always thought those things added more clutter, but I may just have to give it a shot.

    Good luck with your vb stuff… after worrying so much, I realized its a peice of cake and wasn’t really worth worrying about.

    How was Amsterdam?

    All the best,


  6. Hey how are ya? Just want to know what it is you do at starbucks all day, are you a poker affiliate? Can you make good money doing so? Please let me know as i’m really interested. shaneo from Australia!

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