I Love Buenos Aires

Everyday my friend John and I sit around and try to come up with bad things about this city, but so far we have been pretty unsuccessful. Here are some of the reasons why this city is so good:

1) Food – The food here is REALLY GOOD, and EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE. I am really picky about what I eat, but I haven’t had too many issues here. For example, here is one meal I had recently: Caprese Salad (soooo good) + Filet Mignion + AMAZING bottle of wine = $25 USD / person. The equivalent meal in Toronto would cost roughly $150.

2) Women – I have never seen more beautiful women in my life than I have here in Buenos Aires. When I walk down Santa Fe (one of the main streets) I will see more attractive women here in about 30 minutes than I would see in Toronto in an entire year (and the girls in Toronto aren’t that ugly). As I read on one site, even the ugly girls are cute.

Not only are the girls so good looking, they are also really nice and generous. For example, a couple of days ago I went out for dinner with a beautiful girl that I met here. When it came time to pay the bill I pretty much had to fight her for it, and she got really mad at me for paying. She insisted that she should pay. That would never happen in Canada.

3) People – The people that I have met here so far have been some of the nicest people I have ever met. We have been offered free places to stay, invited to peoples’ homes for BBQs (or Asado as they call it here) and much more.

4) Barrios – Buenos Aires has many different areas (barrios in spanish) and all of them have a unique character. You can go hang out at an amazing (and very cheap) restaurant in Palermo Hollywood, walk through the parks of Palermo, go shopping in Recolleta, or head to San Telmo to watch some tango. These are just a few examples, as there is way more that I am missing.

5) Prices – Other than apartments, which can get pricey if you want something really nice, everything else here is so cheap. Here are some examples:
Subway Ride: $0.30
Taxi (for about a 10-15 min ride) – $3
Decent sit down lunch in a relatively nice restaurant – $8
Drinks in nightclubs – $3-$5
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 500ml – $1.10
Bus Ride to city 10 hours away – $60 for what would probably be called business class
Tickets to a huge concert with many international DJs and probably 100,000 people – $40

6) Nightlife – All the clubs we have gone to so far are amazing, and everyone is having a really good time. Not to mention, you don’t go out until 2am as most nightclubs don’t even start to get busy until 3am. They go until about 8am.

Anyway, I could probably go on and on but I don’t feel like writing a 2000 word post. I will end this with some pics:

My friend Matias on the grill making us a nice steak dinner

The roof of our current apartment… soooooo nice. There is also a pool, gym and restaurant up on the roof that are out of this pic, but the park is my favorite.

On the boat to Uruguay with some people we met here

Nice area called Puerto Madero

Everyone getting ready to go out for Halloween at Borges Design Hostel

Ciao for now… hasta luego!

6 thoughts on “I Love Buenos Aires”

  1. Looks like you and John are having a blast! My dad (75) goes to Buenos Aires about three months per year. He’s a tango fanatic, so you’ll get why 🙂 He always brags about the food, specially the meat, so your filet mignion must have been outstanding.


  2. That sounds so cool man, I have never left the country except for business, it was ok but no real time to enjoy it. I heard John on the Radio today and it sounds like you two are having too much fun, and may never come back lol..

    Anyway, keep us updated and post some more pics!

    Take care

  3. A month and no updates…geez must be a bit busy over there in paradise..btw my original post that got deleted said Canadian women are not that bad…ha!

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