What Happened to PAP?

Ever since Jeremy left it seems like PAP (Poker Affiliate Programs) has turned into a business than being the home for affiliates. Sure, I understand they are running a business, but trying to cover up things by editing posts and pushing companies that have a shady track record like Chipleader just for the money is a really bad idea in the long run.  Without people posting, they don’t really have a community.

Last week I was removed from the moderator group over a small disagreement with Jeremy’s replacement, Randy. Randy decided it was better to remove a link to xxhttp://www.pokerstarsmarketingcode.com (which happens to be owned by a real douchebag) in a thread that had to do with PokerStars and the favoritism they were showing to a few affiliates with using domains with pokerstars or marketing code in them. Apparently its ok for one affiliate to do it, but not others. Anyway, since linking to the site is really the only evedince to question Pokerstars about I felt it was important to post this. This is an issue that has really bothered me for a long time, and from talking to other affiliates at conferences I know it is a big one for them too. Anyway, within 5 minutes of this being posted my reply had been edited by Randy. Funny enough at the same time I noticed an IP address from the Cayman Islands watching that thread so I can only assume that he was either protecting a friend/affiliate that does nothing for the PAP community (who is clearly doing something that he shouldn’t) or who knows… maybe he has a boss telling him what to do. Regardless, editing other people’s posts is never a good idea as I have learned from running my own forums.

Anyway, the thing that really got to me was that I wasn’t even notified that I was no longer a moderator, nor even thanked for all the things I did do over the past few years. I have spent a lot of time either deleting/editing threads for people, and resolving issues (UNPAID OF COURSE), but I guess the people at PAP look at this as some kind of priveledge. Oh well, if thats the case then I would rather not have it.

I strongly disagree with the way it was handled and decided it was probably best to just stop posting there all together. I can be very stubborn at times, but I also don’t really like the way the site is going. If I can’t post REAL AFFILIATE ISSUES without being censored, then what is the point of me going there? Not to sound cocky, but it is a great site for new affiliates, but the amount of knowledge I am able to extract from the site has gone down to next to none.

I find that the only thing the site really does for me is wastes a lot of time (surfing forums when I should be working) and creates a lot of stress dealing with certain situations.

Anyway, I am a little hungover in Buenos Aires right now, so this probably doesn’t make much sense, but oh well… I’ll post it up anyway.

Affiliate Tip: Stop wasting your time on forums!

9 thoughts on “What Happened to PAP?”

  1. Good post and well said man. I don’t care for what PAP has become. I have had several posts deleted or edited and that’s total BS. I’m in an awkward position because Randy mentored me for the last year and I owe a lot to him. We have spoke and he knows how I feel, but he has a job to do and I guess I can respect that.

    PAP is not PAW and is going to be like CAP which sucks. I predict they will be a huge home for bad info and bad programs now.

    Keep your blog updated now that you and Goldie are chillin’ down there. Pics are required! 🙂

    Take care

  2. Hey Ridge,

    Yea, I think it has changed a lot and I don’t really care for the new site. If I wanted to go to CAP, then I’d go there. I think they need to understand that the majority of PAP members are quite young. These old guys don’t really seem to understand it as much.

    I’m definitely gonna get some pics up of BsAs soon. In the next few days I’ll put a post on the similarities between BsAs and heaven or something. 🙂



  3. Yeah sorry to see you go Graham, the way it all went down really sucked. The best thing about the forums was the community aspect, and I think it’s losing that, while not adapting to the new direction that it’s going very well. Hopefully things work out for everyone concerned and I agree with Ridge lets see some pics 🙂

  4. Agreed Graham, I’ve always hated CAP and it seems like PAP becomes more like it everyday. Time to stop wasting as much time on the forums. Enjoy B.A.! 😉

  5. Hey Graham,

    Understand your perspective here, especially the moderator stuff.

    Having said that I have a slightly different view on PAP… my thought is that the last few months lacked any leadership / direction (in hindsight this was due to other committments of the ‘main men’). We now have this and a lot of scope for geniune debate and ‘value’, the future could well be bright.

    The thing is that experienced affiliates like yourself are now needed more than ever – to tip the balance away from those kids + scammers + people who have the business acumen of a traffic cone (but very high post counts!)… would not want to see a self-fulfilling prophesy here caused by the people with something to give to the community backing away.

    Anyway, sounds like you have every right to feel disgruntled for the moment, but hey, lets not see any metaphorical doors closed!

    Cheers and GL, Mark

  6. Hey G,

    I’m really sorry to hear what happened there, but can only agree. Things have changed, although I do think Randy’s posts are quite good, specially the ones on SEO. Still, it ain’t PAW anymore…

    Why not set-up an own forum? I think you will get a big enough crowd to be successful.



  7. Graham, you did a great job there, i was one of the pests and you handled it well. I feel you were let down badly. Its all scripted and you just never toed the line, for that i hope ur blog members support you in you future

  8. Hehe does that affiliate tip extend to blogs too? 😛

    Pretty happy to not be involved with the PAP lot tbh, I never hear good things about that side of the water :/

    Still, I’m new so just learning…

  9. I know this is an old post, but I just checked out the PAP forum and it’s really bad. The forum is completely dead. Why would they destroy a forum like that? Makes no sense.

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