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Understanding Twitter (For Personal Use)

Like many people, I originally signed up for a Twitter account back in 2009 when everyone started to say it was going to be the next big thing. Like many of these people I also used my account a few times, didn’t really “get it” and basically gave up on it. About a year ago I noticed that it was still sticking around and figured I must have missed something. For the longest time I really didn’t “get it” so I decided to spend a large amount of time understanding Twitter better to see where the value really lied in the service. I am very glad I did as it has become a huge part of my life, allowed me to meet many awesome people, attend really great events, and get lots of free stuff plus much more. If you are one of those people that don’t get it either, hopefully my experiences will help you “get Twitter” as well.

I Have Facebook, Why Do I Need Twitter

The first big question many people (including myself) have when looking at Twitter is why do I want to use a service that restricts you to 140 characters when you can use Facebook that allows much more? This was one of the things I struggled with the most about Twitter and to really answer this question I need to explain how I view both Twitter and Facebook differently. For me, Facebook is a much more private social network that allows you to keep in touch with people you know and people you don’t mind having access to things like personal pictures, life events and more. Twitter on the other hand is something I use more to connect with people that I don’t necessarily know but share similar interests with without giving them too much access to my personal information.

What is Twitter Good For?

When I started using Twitter I used it primarily to follow what was going on with one of my favourite sports teams, Toronto FC. I could follow soccer reporters that focussed on the team, other Toronto FC fans, players and even the team itself to keep up to date with what was going on at the club. Finding out who these people are is relatively easy because whenever there is a Toronto FC game on, these people are the most actively talking about the team using hashtags like #TFC & #TorontoFC. Since this probably has you thinking, what is a “hashtag”, it is essentially any word with a “#” symbol in front of it used to group together tweets about a particular subject making them easy to find. They are clickable so when you see one you can find all the other people talking about the same thing. You can also search them in the search box and then follow the people who you find to be informative about the subject that interests you. With Facebook it would be next to impossible to find all of these individuals and likely the only way to follow along would be by liking the team’s page or joining a Facebook group (which are often inactive anyway). When people are tweeting about a subject it is typically LIVE as the event is happening and the information is available at your fingertips instantaneously. Other than sports teams many people like to follow along for information about their favourite TV shows, movies, actors/actresses, people with similar interests, people in your area, news and industry specific information (ie. SEO, Social Media, PR, etc.).

What To Do Now That You Are Following People

Now that you have found the people you want to follow its time to strike up a conversation. Since you have similar interests if you have questions about something you can message anyone you want on Twitter to either say thanks for sharing their content, ask questions or anything else you want and a lot of the time people will answer (unless of course it is some celebrity with millions of followers). This is one of the best things about Twitter as you can easily connect with people anywhere in the world and unless they are blocking you or have a private profile (very few do) they will get your message by just typing with a “@” symbol before there username in a message to them.

How To Get Followers

Now that I’ve covered basics of following people and talking to them, it’s time to get some followers of your own. The best way to do this is to share information. Ideally you will get more followers if you are an expert about something in particular or have a blog that you link to your Twitter account. If you don’t want to go this route just share information about topics that interest you and other people with common interests might follow along to see what you have to say. For example, I love food so I follow many foodies and restaurants and post pictures from places I am eating to let other people know how they are. The higher the quality of the information that you share is, the more likely you will be to attract new followers. Once you build up a good following you will be able to do a lot more and even ask questions and get answers from your following.

Taking Your Twitter Relationships Offline

The next step, if you are comfortable of course, would be to take some of these online relationships that you have made offline. Many of the active users in the Twitter community meet up on a regular basis. Some events are organized by Twitter users themselves (typically called Tweetups which can be found on sites like just search your city for events that interest you) while others are organized by businesses. Attending these events is a great way to get more followers and meet new people that have similar interests as you. Also occasionally companies or organizations organize events for their Twitter followers as well which you can attend. For example, I am heading to an event shortly for Toronto FC being held at a sports bar in Toronto where there are tons of free giveaways for their Twitter followers and everyone is getting together to watch one of their games. I have attended around 10 or so different events and have met many awesome people doing so.

Tweetup Example

Example of a Tweetup Search Result

I Want FREE Stuff

If you have done all of the above you should be pretty comfortable at using Twitter by this point, but there are many other great things to be found. Many companies do giveaways on Twitter and quite often they are pretty easy to win. Some of the things I have won include restaurant gift cards, tickets to a premier movie screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, a tequila prize pack worth around $250, VIP tickets to sporting events, free items at restaurants and much more. I even joined a softball team that I found through Twitter after trying to get more active and made some great friends in the process. I also use Twitter quite a lot to find out what is going on in my city and find many events that I would never have found if I just stuck to hanging around on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my Facebook account which I use to keep in contact with close friends and post pictures, and it is great for that, but Twitter is a much better tool to meet new people that share common interests, network with people in your industry and keep up to date on things and places that interest you. I will eventually try to write an article on using Twitter as a business (ie. as a gambling affiliate, or small business owner) but this will take much more investigation to put together.

If this article does encourage you to sign-up be sure to create a profile listing your interests and ensure you add an image of yourself. Otherwise people might think you are a spammer. Also check out this Newbies Guide to Twitter before getting started:.

Follow me on Twitter @beachrockinc, tell me that you read this article and I will be your first follower if you are new to Twitter. Also don’t be afraid to ask me any questions about my experiences on Twitter. Have fun!

Winter is Coming

So, its starting to get much colder out and lately I have been losing a lot of motivation to go out so I am trying to focus on getting a lot more work done.  I guess that is one of the nice things about winter, you can just hibernate and work on things you have been putting off forever.

Work wise things have been pretty slow so there isn’t much to report on.  I bought a couple of smaller sites that I am hoping to fix up and make more profitable, I guess time will tell.  The men’s magazine type site that I have been working on for a while now is finally coming along and is almost ready for me to keep adding content to on a more regular basis.

I have spent the last few months in chef school (night courses) which has been a lot of fun.  I have improved my chef skills quite a bit and am hoping I can use the knowledge I have learned to eventually open some kind of food related business offline.  I love cooking, and good food so it is something I have always wanted to do.

I am probably planning to attend the London affiliate conference in January.  Anyone else planning to go?  I’ve missed the London one for a few years now as I haven’t had much desire to go to London in January (would be nice if they did this in the summer), but everyone who goes always seems to say its a great event and it would be nice to go to the iGaming Awards again.

Anyway, that is all for now… wanted to update this blog as it has been a while since I made my last post.

Summer Is Almost Over… That’s Probably A Good Thing

Every now and then I click the link I have to my blog and keep thinking I gotta update this thing, so I figured tonight that I would write about what I have been up to lately.

Right now it feels like summer is drawing to a close. It is getting cooler at night, kids are heading back to school and the non-stop patio nights have drastically reduced. I think this summer has probably been one of my laziest ones yet. I keep pushing projects back, find it hard to get work done, and am spending far too much time going out. Fortunately as it gets cooler this means that I will be able to turn my focus back to work and start working on getting some sites up and running. It’s tough sometimes to keep yourself motivated when the weather is nice and you have sites generating you enough income to get by on (even though you know that well could eventually dry up).

Earlier in the Summer I decided to go visit a friend out in Nova Scotia for a week extremely last minute. Basically we were chatting on facebook on Thursday night and I jokingly said I wish I could come out there and before you knew it I was booking my flight about an hour after and leaving the very next morning. This was a really chilled out trip which involved a lot of drinking when we were in Antigonish staying with his cousin, and laid back reading time when out where his dad lived (out in the middle of nowhere). His dad had a Celtic monk staying with him and we spent a lot of time chatting on the porch to pass the time.

A few weeks ago I made it out to the CBG Affiliate Weekend. This is a great smaller event targeted more at the North American affiliates (even though a lot come over from all over the world). The event is put on by Judy, Dean and the rest of the crew from Like last year, this event was a ton of fun and definitely one of my favorite events to attend (as I don’t have to get on a plane for 9+ hours to get there). They brought in some great speakers (I caught a bit of the SEO session), hosted some great dinners and of course you can’t go wrong with an open bar. I caught up with some old friends as well as met a few new people so all in all it was a great time. The weekend included the typical conference debauchery of strip clubs, gambling, excessive drinking, and partying till all hours of the night.

The week after the CBG weekend, I headed down to the Bahamas on a cruise with my friend John for a few days to relax, though it turned into more partying. The theme song of the cruise was David Guetta’s “Getting Over You”, which constantly repeats “we gonna party, and party and party… etc” so I knew it was going to be a long week. During the days we would get off the boat and explore wherever we were. Day 1 was Freeport where we went swimming, lied on the beach and I hopped on a jet ski for a bit. Day 2 was Nassau where John and I lived like we were kids again and hit their outrageously priced water slides ($110/day) at Atlantis. It was well worth it though as the slides were a ton of fun and the coolest was the one where you slide through a pool filled with sharks. Fortunately after returning from the slides John hit his first pull on a slot machine and covered the cost of the slides – thank you sir! Day 3 we went to Great Stirrup Cay, which was a beach owned by the cruise line and just laid in the sun drinking some tropical drinks and went swimming. On board the boat we typically went for dinner at one of the restaurants and like some kind of weird ritual would head down to the casino with our wine glasses and whatever wine was left in the bottle from dinner. This usually resulted in about a 4-5 hour session after which we would head to the bar or club. By the end of the first day I think pretty much everyone in the casino knew John and I by names and we had a drink guy that would check on us every 5 minutes or so. It was pretty fun! This was definitely one of my favorite trips I have been on and can’t wait to do it again sometime. Shout out to Norwegian Cruise Lines for doing an awesome job!

So that’s about all I can think of for now and I promise I will try to make a better blog post next time!

Life Update

It’s been a while since I posted here so I figured I would give a bit of an update on what’s going on in my life.

About a month ago I sold off a large majority of my poker websites.  I kept a handful to keep me with a bit of an income stream, but for the most part I am pretty much out of the poker game.  The main reason I did this is because I was getting fed up with the constant stories of affiliate programs changing their terms and screwing over their affiliates plus I really wanted to try and start expanding into other industries.

At the time I was selling everything I was working on a project to build a casino site about the best casinos online.  Since I already started with that project I figure I will continue building the site (which is almost done) then start focusing more on my plans to do things in other industries.  I am really happy with this site so far, and think the design is incredible (thanks Will!).

Recently I made it out to Prague for the iGaming Super Show which was a lot of fun.  There I caught up with some old friends and got to meet some people that I had spoken to many times online but never met such as Roger (congrats on finally making it out to an event ;)).  The highlight of the trip was definitely the party which consisted of an old sewage plant that was still active, many midgets, beautiful women, all sorts of Mad Max characters, overhead jousting, a drum band, unlimited booze, pyrotechnics and much more!  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, but you can see a bunch of the pictures from that party here.

While over there I also managed to get down to Vienna for a couple of days, which was a very beautiful city (I added a pic of Belvedere Palace which is now a Museum to this post).

Once I finish up with the casino site my next plan is to build a kind of Men’s Online Magazine which will be sort of a cross between and  I really don’t know how it will do but it is more something I want to do for fun and think that it could have great potential.  Also I am kinda new to other types of online marketing so it will be a bit of a learning experience.

Anyway, that is all for now, and I will try and get some more interesting posts up soon.

Budapest Affiliate Conference Trip Report

It had been a while since I had been able to make it out to a conference (Barcelona 2008 was the last one), so I decided to book my ticket to Budapest this year for BAC. It was nice that the conference was in a change of venue, which made it much easier to justify the long trip.

I arrived on the Wednesday morning after a long flight with a connection in Frankfurt. I was a little worried about going because I thought that I wasn’t going to know anyone there as many suckers people backed out last minute including the person I was supposed to split a room with (Nick). Regardless I still went and landed in Budapest around 11am. As I went to tell the cab where to go I realized that I was in a different hotel than I had thought. Meh, I went with it and headed to the new hotel (InterContinental). I arrived at the hotel to check in and looked down at my reservation to realize it was for a day later (crap I thought, but figured they would probably have a room). As I explained the situation that I might have gotten the date wrong to the guy at the front desk he replied, €œI hope your reservation is for today because our hotel is full€. Fortunately, he managed to find me a room after hammering away at the keyboard and speaking gibberish Hungarian to his co-worker.

After a bit of a nap, I started trying to find out who was in town and managed to get in touch with Mark from PAL. We decided to meet up for a beer and hit a cool little bar a short trip from the hotel. We took one of the oldest subway systems in Europe to get there which was pretty cool. It was nice meeting Mark finally as we had chatted many times online about how we were both former IBM slaves employees. As I was heading out I also ran into Richie formerly with Carbon who I had spent some time hanging out with in Barcelona and we exchanged info to meet up later. Richie (like me) loves to party so I knew he would be a good person to meet up with later.

On the 2nd day I got in contact with Greame (DealerDan) who was out having a few drinks with some people and invited me to join them. I met up with them all at this cool square, grabbed a few beers then took off because he had dinner plans with Bodog. Fortunately he invited me along so I managed to get a free meal from the Bodog guys (Seb and Claire €“ who had been my affiliate manager in the past but I never actually met). After a nice dinner, which included several Mojitos, we all headed over to the opening party which was hosted by Expekt. As with most gambling conference parties it was a complete sausage party. I wasn’t really in the mood to party so I just took it pretty easy. I also ran into Carly and Jo (from Pokerstars) and Andreas (darko on the forums, but never really posts). I ran into a bunch of old friends too which was nice and we were out of there early (around 2am). We went to hit up the casino, but they wanted to charge us 10 Euros to go in and gamble. We laughed about that and decided to save our money and call it a night.

Day 3 was the 1st day of the conference. I met up with Richie in the lobby around 9am who was with Ven (formerly at Party Poker) and we hit up the buffet at the hotel. We had a great breakfast laughing the whole time and completely lost track of time (not getting out of there till like 11:15). We then hopped on the shuttle and headed over to the conference. We did the whole stroll around the room (me looking for the best swag probably a bath robe from Chipleader). Richie knows pretty much everyone so he kept introducing me to a lot of people. I decided to hit up the SEO sessions (one on link building and the SEO roundtable) after which were all around pretty decent. Though I didn’t learn a whole lot, there were a couple of tidbits here and there that I learned which should help. After the conference we had a bit of time so Richie and I headed to a little bar close to the hotel. Richie ordered probably the gayest drink in Budapest which consisted of pink lemonade, a pink straw and a cherry, I opted for a beer. Mike from Poker Nordica also came and joined us for a drink then we all split up to our own dinners. I headed to the PAL dinner and met DealerDan in the lobby. There we waited like 20 minutes for Seb (yea, we gave him a hard time about it) then finally headed over to Spoon for an awesome meal. At dinner were several people I hadn’t seen in a while like Giorgio, Jason (GoodKarmaKid), Stephen and Russ from Commission Account as well as several new faces. After dinner Seb, Russ and I wanted to keep drinking so we decided to head over to the conference party sponsored by ChanceRoom. Again, it was a huge sausage fest so after we finished our few free drinks (they had this weird ticket system) and grabbed Alex Pratt and Andreas and headed over to a club that several people had been talking about called Bed Beach. Bed Beach was awesome! It was a huge outdoor club with a massive dance floor, tons of tables and a nice VIP section. We ran into many other people and spent the rest of the night mingling not getting back till like 6am (I think €“ didn’t wear a watch all trip).

At Bed Beach

At Bed Beach

On the 4th day (the last conference day) I slept in and missed Calvin Ayre’s speech which was one of the things I was looking forward to. Fortunately from what I heard from other people it was rather awkward and he didn’t really tell any interesting stories about entrepreneurship. When I finally did get to the conference I had my meeting with Lee Allen from Sticky Eyes (an SEO company). They were doing free SEO analysis sessions for conference attendees. This was really cool and Lee definitely knew his stuff. He definitely made me think differently about a couple of things and wasn’t like most SEO companies that just BS and pretends they know what they are talking about. Thanks Lee!! After that I walked around the conference a bit more and ran into Johan formerly at FTP / Gnuf. We had met a ways back in London at the Cap Awards dinner and he really helped me make the push to doing this full time. I also met his wife Anna who is with an interesting bingo company called Maria (a branch off from Unibet). Unlike most sites it sounds like they are actually building a brand than just a site (so if you promote Bingo check them out and tell her I sent you). I hung around at the conference a bit more and ran into Dee from 888 and chatted with them for a bit and finally left the conference. I ended up getting in touch with Graeme after who was having a dinner with some people close to the hotel so I decided to join them. There I tried Goulash for the first time, which I understand as being the “big dish” of Hungary and pretty tasty. After dinner we headed over to a party hosted by Bodog. We were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne and asked to take our picture with some of the Bodog Girls. Bodog REALLY knows how to throw a party. The venue was awesome, they had special tables where you could try the national drinks of Hungary (I liked the Unicum the best which is a bitters), tables with free cigars (good ones), constant Mojitos and Caipirinhas plus Hors D‘oeurves and even a hand massage table. The party ended around midnight and I decided to head back to Bed Beach with Johan and Jennifer from Betting Jobs. There we ran into many other people and drank and chatted the night away.


Bodog Girls at the Bodog Party

On the Sunday I slept in again and missed the “tourist session” as I was pretty hung over not rolling out of bed until about 4pm. I ran into Richie again at the patio of the Sofitel (the main hotel directly beside the InterContinental) and we had some drinks to nurse the hang over. Richie was with Chris from Poker Space and a few other people. Chris came up with a great idea to head to a shisha bar so Richie, Chris, Jen (Fortune Poker), and 2 Swedish affiliates (Mike and Peter) all headed over to this place recommended by the hotel. We ordered some massive platters of food and shared everything. The conversation started pretty tame but after Richie asked what everyone thought about Megan Fox things progressively turned into pure hilarity. We learned some new things like what “musting” is along with several other funny things. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

On a side note, some of the companies throwing the “Official” parties could really learn a thing or two from Bodog. Having a club filled with guys staring at 1 or 2 girls dancing, then making them pay for drinks (especially affiliates) to be there says a lot about your brand. Bodog goes all out when they do a party and it says a lot about their brand. In the future I think the parties should be turned into more of a “pre-drink” where everyone goes and drinks for free then heads out to various nightclubs around the city. If you were at Bed Beach you will know that industry people pretty much owned their VIP areas.

After that the conference was officially over for the rest. I stuck around in Budapest for a bit the next day then headed to Prague for a couple days to do some sightseeing. I am actually writing this on the train back from Prague to Budapest where I have to catch my flight in the morning.

All in all it was one of the best conferences I have been to and was really nice meeting many new people along with seeing some old friends. Till next one!


Doyle Brunson and I

Summer Is Finally Here

It is finally starting to get warm here.  Yesterday I went golfing with a couple of friends but played like crap.  Just trying to enjoy the nice weather.

I have been going to a lot of soccer games lately.  A few weeks ago John Goldie and I went over to Montreal to watch Toronto FC take on Montreal in the final game of the Canadian Championship.  Toronto needed to win by 4 goals which everyone thought was an impossible task, but I had faith they could do it.  We did a little pre-drinking before the game with all of the TFC fans, then headed over to the game on the subway.  The subway ride was insane.  Everyone was chanting and jumping up and down, at several points it felt like the train may even derail.  Once at the game, there were between 200-300 Toronto fans.  Toronto quickly went down 1 goal after a penalty kick, but shortly after came back to score 2 before the end of the first half.  The second half was insane as they continued to score and within the last 10 minutes put in the goal to give them their 4 goal lead.  Just before the end of the game they sealed it and put in a final goal making the score 6-1.  It was such a great experience as we stuck it out in the rain screaming our voices out and in the end were rewarded with the Canadian championship.  The players all came over to our section after the game and threw their jerseys out to the fans.

Also soccer related, Zinadine Zidane came to Toronto a few weeks back and I watched him play a friendly against “the Canadian All-stars”.  Most of the players other than Zidane and Palermo (Boca Jrs) were crap, but it was still cool to see one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

Next week I am going to start part 2 of my bartending training: the advanced course.  It sounds fun and will be pretty cool because I get to invent my own drink and present it to the class.  Also, I got tickets to see Sarah Silverman next week which should be fun.

On the work front, lately I have been spending a lot of time building a casino site.  It seems like everyone is getting into the casino side so I figured, why not.  If anyone has any good sites and wants to swap links, let me know.

My other sites are doing all right, just grinding on and not really growing much.  Need to start spending more time on those but as usual I have either been too lazy or have been more focussed on getting the casino site off the ground.

Lately I have also been thinking about heading out to Budapest for the conference out there.  Anyone else planning to go?

Don’t Go To Venezuela / Welcome to ’09!

First off, this is the first post in 2009 so HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I had a good new year until the end of the night when my jacket managed to walk its way out of the restaurant that I was at.  This is never a good thing to happen especially after a ton of alcohol as when I got home I sent some stupid email to the restaurant.  Anyway, turns out someone “mistakingly” left with my coat and it is waiting at the restaurant now to be picked up.  So… the point of me telling this story.. don’t use your computer when you are really drunk.

Yesterday I got back from a week in Margarita Island, Venezuela with my good friend Greg.  It was a nice relaxing trip, but I would probably never go back there.  The people were pretty rude, unfriendly and didn’t seem to welcoming to tourists.  For example, I went to the mall and tried to order a pretzel, the girl just looked at me with one of the coldest looks and was like “no”.  I couldn’t tell if they didn’t have them or if she just didn’t want to sell one to me.  Also, when we were leaving the Country at the airport they had these Chavez dolls that talked.  I decided to push the button to hear what it said and some douchebag came over and said, “you aren’t going to buy it so why are you doing that”.  I just looked at him and said, “this is why your country sucks and why I’ll never come back”.  I am so tempted to register right now, but I’ll sit on it for now.

I shouldn’t say that all the people were bad ovbiously, as one of the bartenders at our resort was awsome, but I think he was probably the only nice Venezuelan we met down there.  I even asked some Venzuelan/Canadian girl about the general attitude we had been receiving at one of the clubs and was told simply: “they don’t like gringos here”.  On top of that the island itself had a communist feel to it, and at times didn’t feel very safe.  When I asked one girl about going to a club one night she must have told me about 5 times to “cuidado” which means be careful in spanish.

The trip wasn’t all bad though.  I spent most of my time there lying on a beach getting a tan, doing little to no work.  We left the resort quite a bit and took a jeep tour of the island which was a ton of fun.  It was 8 hours long and included a boat tour, open air jeep driving around the island (you could stand in the back which was a ton of fun), off-road driving, lunch, stop at a beach, and much more all for just $50.  Here are some pics of that:

The food at the resort was pretty decent, so I can’t really complain about that.  One thing that was a little annoying though was Greg and I were probably the only single guys at the resort so the “girls” situation was awful.  Long story short.. if you are thinking of going to Margarita Island, I’d pick somewhere else (like Jamaica) instead.

Well, next week I am headed back to Buenos Aires :)  I am so excited to get back there as the winter cold is killing me being inside all the time.  I need to get out and move around as I feel that winter makes me feel so much unhealthier.

As for ’09, I think this will be a good year.  My main goals are to start expanding on non-gambling projects and investigate other areas of online marketing.  I think my strong points are consulting others so if possible I would like to focus on that a little more.  Hopefully this year I can come up with a more long term goal for myself as right now I still have no clue what I want to do with my life.  Time will tell!  If anyone is planning to come to BsAs (Buenos Aires) or wants to, send me a note.  Best to everyone with this year! Presents: Balling Weekend in Vegas

I am still recovering from the past few days of debauchery as I write this post, but let me try and recap what was probably one of the funnest weekends of my life thanks to

As an active affiliate with Aced, I was given the opportunity to join them for an affiliate retreat in Vegas thanks to their amazing affiliate manager affiliate director poker room manager (I think that’s the title he is using now): Brandon Berndt.  Brandon is one of the most liked people in this industry and definitely knows how to throw a party (anyone remember the Stinkyfish Party at the 2006 CAC?) so I knew this was going to be a weekend to remember and there was no way I was going to miss this.  In fact, I had contemplated extending my time in Buenos Aires, but decided that it was probably in my best interests to make it back for this weekend in Vegas.

Day 1

My friend (and business partner) Greg and I arrive in Las Vegas and manage to track down Brandon, Kendall and Jeremy “$100 Slot and Candy College Fund” Enke in the airport and jump in a stretch limo to the Hard Rock Hotel.  (If you know Vegas, you will know that the Hard Rock is one of the best party hotels to stay at in the whole city).  We walk into the hotel and notice a rather large line forming around the check-in counter.  Fortunately, this is completely irrelevant because we are going straight to the VIP Room where our room keys are waiting for us.  Here we pick up the itinerary for the trip which includes things like: partying in the penthouse suite for the HRH hottie model search, dinner at Nobu, private poker tournament, bikini contest in the penthouse, and the best booth in Body English on the last night.  OMFG this is gonna be fun!

After a quick shower and stop in the room we all head to Center Bar (the bar right in the middle of the casino).  Here we meet up with John Halloway, Jeremy Miller, and Mike Murphy (plus his girlfriend Alicia).  We have a few beers, shoot the shit then head over to Ago (Robert Deniro’s restaurant) for an amazing dinner.  I am really picky with food, but this was probably one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had in my life!

After dinner we hit the casino floor for a little gambling.  Jeremy M. helps teach me how to play craps again as I had only played once before.  I quickly lose $150 or so and find out that we are going to be going up to the Penthouse Suite now to help judge a “Hottie Model Search”.

We all pile into an elevator and these two girls follow in behind.  Because we had been taking so long the elevator started to make a buzzing noise, so I said, “Sorry girls, you are too heavy”.  Fortunately they did not hear this, but half of the other people in the elevator did 😀

Up we go to the top floor and walk into one of the most incredible hotel rooms in the world!  The room comes complete with huge bar, bowling alley, stripper pole, massive LCD TV’s everywhere and much more!  There are smoking hot girls walking around everywhere and are all dying to get to know you to try and swing your vote: AMAZING!

We’ll get to the girls pics in a bit, but for now here are a couple from walking around the room:

Me, Kendall, Jeremy, Greg, and Brandon

Jacuzzi with stripper pole in the background

John Halloway

Bowling Alley on Left, Bar area straight ahead

Guitar on the dining room table

After chilling here for a bit and many free vodka red bulls, some of the group decides they are going to hit the strip club.  Greg, Mike and I decide that we would rather hang out at the party for a bit more and hang back, but from what I heard the next day they had quite a night and one stripper in particular by the name of Candy was able to retire that night thanks to Jeremy “Breaking All the Stripclub Etiquette Rules” Enke.

We hang out in the Penthouse for a little while longer and decide to break out for one of the clubs downstairs.  Greg and I head over to Wasted Space, which is a club owned by Freestyle Motocross Rider, Carey Hart (also known for Hart and Huntington Tattoo’s).  Wasted Space is a rock bar/club with attitude and mixes in a bunch of other types of music.  There is gorgeous girls everywhere, amazing music and we have a blast here for several hours.

Wasted Space
Day 2

After only a few hours sleep, I wake up around 8am for some unknown reason.  Possibly the red bull is still flowing in my blood, it could have something to do with all the oxygen they pump in the rooms or I am just really excited about the day ahead.  Since everyone else is still sleeping I decide to hit the casino for some gambling.  I go on a serious run at the craps table (at one point rolling for about 30 minutes straight) and make a few hundred dollars.  Funny Moment: At one point I went to throw the dice and missed the table completely and hit some girl.  The dealer said in all his time there, he had never seen this happen. By this time I manage to get a hold of Brandon and we hit the bar for a bloody mary to reminisce about the debauchery that went down at the strip club.  Apparently one of the Aced Consultants, John, is quite the legend at the Spearmint Rhino and knows many of the strippers personally so he managed to hook the guys up with quite an incredible night.

After some time the rest of the crew starts to file down to the casino floor and we all head for lunch at the Pink Taco.  We have a nice lunch then all head up to the Lucky 7 Suite to do a little presentation about the future of Aced.  We talk about some of the current issues, cool custom features like their Outs program and learn the future plans for the company.  All I can say is that they are definitely headed in the right direction and I expect some big things from these guys in the years to come.

Stripper Pole in the Lucky 7 Suite

Lucky 7 Suite

Bar in the Lucky 7 Suite

Jacuzzi In Front of the Stripper Pole

We break up for a bit and Greg, Mike +GF and I decide to hit the mall for a little shopping.  We pick up some new clothes for the evening and head back to the Hard Rock for a poker tournament that the Aced guys have set up for us.  We have the sickest table in the room which is usually reserved for high roller games.  The poker game is tons of fun and we are pretty much laughing having an amazing time from start to finish.  John Halloway gets nice and lucky against me after calling a bet pre-flop with KJ for a 3rd of his chips.  I have AQ and since over half of my chips are in there I have to push no matter what comes on the flop.  With K Q X on board I make the shove and so goes my chance at the $1500 prize pool generously put up by

The crew playing poker in the new poker room at the Hard Rock.

After the poker ends we head to Nobu for dinner thanks again to the Aced guys.  They organize an Amazing dinner with huge platters constantly being rolled out to our table, sake, something called purple haze and a massive desert platter.  We feast like kings and have a great time over dinner.  For the food pictures you will have to talk to Kendall, as he was doing his John Chow thing after every course came out.

Our table at Nobu

Amazing Red Snapper Dish

The night is young and we are already getting buzzed so we head to the Lucky 7 Suite again for a couple of drinks.  After hanging out for a bit its time once again to go up to the Penthouse Suite for a Bikini Contest with the girls that we met the night before.  I won’t get too much into detail here, but rather just post some pics to show the amazingness that was organized by the Aced guys:

Me and one of the Contestants

The Bikini Contest

Me and Sanja… one of the coolest girls there.

John from on the couch and Carey Hart on the right

The crew in the Lucky 7 Suite

After the contest ended we all headed back to the Lucky 7 Suite again to have some more drinks.  After about 30 minutes it was time to head down to Body English to finish the night off in style.  We had a VIP Host escort us to the club where we were sat at the best table right in the middle of the club.  Our security guy Joe quickly introduced himself and said if we needed anything at all he was there for us and he wasn’t kidding.  Right after that he went to scour the club for hot girls to bring to the booth.  While he was off doing this, our bottles started to arrive in true Vegas style.  3 girls carrying bottles of Dom and Grey Goose show up with huge flares and all:

We were definitely the center of attention for the whole club at that point.  The night got pretty sloppy and people started to head back upstairs to the casino or their rooms.  Brandon, Jeremy M. and I stuck it out the longest then decided to hit the casino after for one last craps session.  The rest of the night is kind of a blur but included things like me playing craps alone at the table for like 45 minutes, Brandon cashing over $100 on a penny slot after one spin that lasted about 15 minutes, and much more.  What a day that was!!!

Day 3

We were all up around noon as many of us had to check-out to catch flights home.  After a quick lunch in the Hard Rock I thought, what Vegas trip would be complete without a trip to the Gun Range.  So, Brandon, John H, Kendall, Mike, Greg and I all got into cabs and made our way over to The Gun Store Las Vegas.  Since many of the people had never fired a gun before, we decided that the Coalition Package was probably our best bet.  This included:

M249 SAW w/40 Rds
M16 Riffle w/25 Rds
M9 Pistal w/ 20 Rds
Three Targets
Package T-Shirt

Here are some pics from this:

John “#6” Halloway – John knew instantly when he saw this target that it was his choice… others were a little more tactful in their approach.  When asked why he chose that one, John replied “I’m from the ATL”

The happiest man holding ammo

Me and the M-16

I think Kendall is even happier than me to be holding that gun!

Thank you Brandon, John and Xander for everything this weekend as this was probably one of the best weekends of my life!

Finally, to wrap this up…. If you aren’t promoting Aced right now, I suggest you do ASAP.  They treat their affiliates like kings, and did so much for us this weekend which I am so thankful!  Or, I could say, if you don’t promote Aced, Brandon will shoot you:

Note… don’t forget to check out John Halloway’s recap also.

Buenos Aires Recap

Ooops… been back for about a week now and forgot to post about the rest of the Buenos Aires trip.

Well, I survived the paragliding.  What an experience that was!  For the rest of my time in Mendoza I went rafting and biking around the vineyards.  It was probably one of the best parts of my trip and I had a ton of fun there.  Here are a couple pics:

Gettin Ready to Jump

On top of the mountain

Biking to the wineries

Dinner with the Dutch Girls on their last night.  Amazing Tapas and Wine!

After Mendoza I headed back to Buenos Aires where the trip came to an end after a few more nights of partying.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I am so glad I went.  I met a ton of great people from all over the world and made some new friends.

Here are some more highlights from the trip and things that I’ll miss about Buenos Aires…

– Finding out they have Stoli Elite for less than Absolut at Godoy (obvious mistake)
Celebrating Colombian Christmas at Claudia’s Appt
– Daily beer tips to Plaza Serrano
– Seeing a new “hottest girl in the world” every single day
– My friend Lucio trying to pick up the same girl about 50 times in a row while she is standing at the bar with her boyfriend
– Cheap amazing dinners at sick restaurants every day
– Random blaring of “Feliz Cumple Anos” in nice restaurants
Plus many more!

I might be heading back there again in the new year.  If anyone is interested in coming down, let me know.

Bye for now!

What Happened to PAP?

Ever since Jeremy left it seems like PAP (Poker Affiliate Programs) has turned into a business than being the home for affiliates. Sure, I understand they are running a business, but trying to cover up things by editing posts and pushing companies that have a shady track record like Chipleader just for the money is a really bad idea in the long run.  Without people posting, they don’t really have a community.

Last week I was removed from the moderator group over a small disagreement with Jeremy’s replacement, Randy. Randy decided it was better to remove a link to xx (which happens to be owned by a real douchebag) in a thread that had to do with PokerStars and the favoritism they were showing to a few affiliates with using domains with pokerstars or marketing code in them. Apparently its ok for one affiliate to do it, but not others. Anyway, since linking to the site is really the only evedince to question Pokerstars about I felt it was important to post this. This is an issue that has really bothered me for a long time, and from talking to other affiliates at conferences I know it is a big one for them too. Anyway, within 5 minutes of this being posted my reply had been edited by Randy. Funny enough at the same time I noticed an IP address from the Cayman Islands watching that thread so I can only assume that he was either protecting a friend/affiliate that does nothing for the PAP community (who is clearly doing something that he shouldn’t) or who knows… maybe he has a boss telling him what to do. Regardless, editing other people’s posts is never a good idea as I have learned from running my own forums.

Anyway, the thing that really got to me was that I wasn’t even notified that I was no longer a moderator, nor even thanked for all the things I did do over the past few years. I have spent a lot of time either deleting/editing threads for people, and resolving issues (UNPAID OF COURSE), but I guess the people at PAP look at this as some kind of priveledge. Oh well, if thats the case then I would rather not have it.

I strongly disagree with the way it was handled and decided it was probably best to just stop posting there all together. I can be very stubborn at times, but I also don’t really like the way the site is going. If I can’t post REAL AFFILIATE ISSUES without being censored, then what is the point of me going there? Not to sound cocky, but it is a great site for new affiliates, but the amount of knowledge I am able to extract from the site has gone down to next to none.

I find that the only thing the site really does for me is wastes a lot of time (surfing forums when I should be working) and creates a lot of stress dealing with certain situations.

Anyway, I am a little hungover in Buenos Aires right now, so this probably doesn’t make much sense, but oh well… I’ll post it up anyway.

Affiliate Tip: Stop wasting your time on forums!

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