Winter is Coming

So, its starting to get much colder out and lately I have been losing a lot of motivation to go out so I am trying to focus on getting a lot more work done.  I guess that is one of the nice things about winter, you can just hibernate and work on things you have been putting off forever.

Work wise things have been pretty slow so there isn’t much to report on.  I bought a couple of smaller sites that I am hoping to fix up and make more profitable, I guess time will tell.  The men’s magazine type site that I have been working on for a while now is finally coming along and is almost ready for me to keep adding content to on a more regular basis.

I have spent the last few months in chef school (night courses) which has been a lot of fun.  I have improved my chef skills quite a bit and am hoping I can use the knowledge I have learned to eventually open some kind of food related business offline.  I love cooking, and good food so it is something I have always wanted to do.

I am probably planning to attend the London affiliate conference in January.  Anyone else planning to go?  I’ve missed the London one for a few years now as I haven’t had much desire to go to London in January (would be nice if they did this in the summer), but everyone who goes always seems to say its a great event and it would be nice to go to the iGaming Awards again.

Anyway, that is all for now… wanted to update this blog as it has been a while since I made my last post.

4 thoughts on “Winter is Coming”

  1. I’m thinking of going to the LAC as my first conference. I can tell you that however that London in summer is no better than London in winter lol. Very hot, crowded, and the underground is practically unbearable.

  2. Yeah winter seems to be a drag. I’ve even been going to bed before midnight which is just wrong!

    cooking classes sound like fun, I’ve been thinking about trying to find a “normal” hobby outside of trying to make money, something just for fun!

    As I was telling you on skype, I’m planning on being in London, so we must plan something up!

  3. Well, my original plan was to just use google ads, some email marketing and then maybe do some product reviews. Not sure I am going to have time to see this one through though as some other projects have come up.

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