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I understand, its hard to get new affiliates to promote your room but sometimes I just want to tell these people to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!  It’s one thing to send emails to addresses associated with sites, but sometimes the contact becomes a tad too invasive.  I get random people adding me to MSN with no clue who they are, and a few times now I have even received messages to my facebook account.

Like I said, I have grown used to the emails, but I look at Facebook as a more personal venue.  Even though it can be used as a great networking tool for people you have actually met or talk to, it should NOT be used as a method to promote your brand and contact potential affiliates.  It is actually just kinda creepy to me.

Anyway, I decided I would try and turn this into something productive that hopefully other affiliate managers could take something from and provide pointers on what I don’t like about these or most forms of “first contact” from affiliate managers.

Here is the message I received from NAME REMOVED of Cool Hand Poker with things in bold that could be improved if you had to use this method to contact an affiliate for whatever reason:

Hi Graham,

Not some mad stalker – I promise! :)  I am sure you prefer the term “e-stalker”.  “Stalker” is so real world.

I am an advertiser interested in promoting our Poker room – Cool Hand Poker via your network.  Network eh?  I bet you couldn’t even list some of the sites I have.

Been doing research to find appropriate media partners for my client, Belle Rock Entertainment. The company owns various online gambling sites (Poker, Bingo & Casino) and have been operating for over 10 years.  If you had done your research properly you could maybe tell me a few of my sites and why you think they would be a good fit for your room.

Cool Hand Poker is a relatively new and small poker room – it was launched late last year and we are aiming to grow the business. It is quite unique in its marketing, as the target market is “everyday people” or people wanting to learn & play poker socially / newbie poker players onto the site. We are not aiming for the big-stakes Professionals who usually go to the more aggressive sites such as Full Tilt or Poker Stars.  More on how this is a retarded idea later.  Do you really think you can keep out the “sharks” from a site.  Also, you do realize those are the ones that make money, not the guy who plays poker once a week.

We are focusing our marketing efforts on the UK, Canada Europe and Australia & NZ (not USA or Africa) – would be helpful to understand your traffic split (USA vs. target countries above) and targeting capabilities better?

In order for me to motivate for any media deal, we must provide as much detailed information as possible. Besides Cool Hand Poker, we also market Casino and Bingo – further opportunities to work together!  Oh, I forgot I was trying to sell you on why I should promote your stupid site.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards


The thing that annoys me more than anything is NAME REMOVED has probably copied and pasted this message to hundreds of affiliates.  Anyway, since it wasn’t an email I will let facebook deal with the spammers roaming their site:


Her messages lack personal touch, and really do nothing to make me want to work with them.  For further proof here is an email from NAME REMOVED with the things that need improvement in bold:

TITLE OF EMAIL: Advertising/Affiliate partnership (FuzioPoker)‏ First off, the site is Fuzion Poker (instant points off for spelling mistake)

Hi Graham,

By way of introduction, my name is NAME REMOVED and I am the Poker Affiliate/Publisher Manager at COMPANY REMOVED.  And, you already lost my interest.  I don’t give a fuck who you are, why are you contacting me!  It’s bad enough you creeped my whois info to get this email instead of looking for the site contact email.

I am an advertiser interested in promoting our Poker room – Cool Hand Poker via your website. Would be grateful if you could contact me to discuss opportunities?  “Cool Hand Poker”, really, thats the name you went with?  Ummm… I don’t care about opportunities, you contacted me, remember.  What do I get out of this?

My aim is to find appropriate media partners for my client, Belle Rock Entertainment. The company owns various online gambling sites (Poker, Bingo & Casino) and have been operating for over 10 years.  Whatever.

At this time, I am specifically focusing on our Poker room – Cool Hand Poker – the emphasis being on fun, free or low-stakes, social poker games. Especially for newbies wanting to learn poker in a friendly, safe environment.  Fun, free, low-stakes?  Let me guess, you probably want me to send these players that will make me no money on an MGR deal too, right?

We are focusing our marketing efforts on the UK, Canada Europe and Australasia – would be helpful to understand your site and traffic split better?  Do your own research.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Not likely.

Warm regards,


Anyway, I hope someone learns something from this post so I don’t have to use you as an example for one of my future posts.

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Managers Contacting Through Facebook”

  1. ha that was awesome…not so much for her but what you reported to facebook. I know people say its social media and its not a big deal but thats BS to have to receive spam that way…and even further for the AM to sink that low that she has no other resources that she could use…desperate maybe

  2. Great comments G. These are instant delete type of emails for me; coolhandpoker and what’s that other one again with the retarded name… something with a bunch of dashes in the domain on the Merge network. How pathetic…

  3. Yeppo, that’s it! LOL @ those people for never giving up. Serious though, how stupid can they be giving their poker room such brand name/domain.

  4. I like the rest of you, don’t like how some AM’s try to solicit new members, but on the other hand most of my best affiliate relationships have come from them blindly contacting my site. Yes, some are annoying but I would not be where I am today without them.

  5. lol got one this morning from David Bali at Lucky Click Club…directed him to your blog Graham so you can educate him 🙂

  6. Graham,

    I am emailing in my personal capacity and would like to publically apologise for pissing you off – that was not my intent.

    Tried to find an email address for you via your blogg (no luck), then LinkedIn (no luck), then “whois lookup” (no luck) and finally resorted to typing your name into Google.

    I was serious about liking your site and had hoped we could work together.

    Did you realise that your profile security settings for Facebook is on PUBLIC? If it was private I never would have seen it. I also didn’t add you ADD you as a friend, merely sent you an enquiry and left the rest up to you….

    Will add a note on our database that you don’t want to be contacted.

    Good luck in your business endeavours.


  7. Hi XXX,

    Sorry if my post came off a little harsh but you probably caught me at a bad time. Anyway, I have removed your name from the parts of the post. As for whois, it should have worked because I don’t have private whois.



  8. I also think you kinda exagerated mate. You say you don’t like to be bothered via FB but probably lost an hour just ratting on an email that shouldn’t hav taked more than 5 sec to forget.

    Also the time u spent being a jerk to some poor guy that just tries to earn a living could have been used by turning on some privacy settings on FB.

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