No Way That Is Her!

I was just on facebook when the following ad caught my attention:


No way that is her in the after!!!  I actually thought this was a great ad though because it caught my attention and I clicked the link to see if there were more pics of the hot girl.  Unfortunately there were not :(  They did have a cool site though with a bunch of good affiliate links in it and am sure they probably make some money from this.

Anyway, this just goes to show that sometimes the best ways to grab people’s attention is to make them not believe you.

/end of weird blog post

One thought on “No Way That Is Her!”

  1. Actually its kinda funny, the after girl lives in my area. She was on the news recently on “Help me Howard” which is where they give legal advice. She never gave consent for the photo and says the before is not her and she’s never taken any diet pills. I guess they couldn’t find the actual company that put the ads up, but supposedly they’ve been taken down, which isn’t true because I still see them on FB from time to time.

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