Presents: Balling Weekend in Vegas

I am still recovering from the past few days of debauchery as I write this post, but let me try and recap what was probably one of the funnest weekends of my life thanks to

As an active affiliate with Aced, I was given the opportunity to join them for an affiliate retreat in Vegas thanks to their amazing affiliate manager affiliate director poker room manager (I think that’s the title he is using now): Brandon Berndt.  Brandon is one of the most liked people in this industry and definitely knows how to throw a party (anyone remember the Stinkyfish Party at the 2006 CAC?) so I knew this was going to be a weekend to remember and there was no way I was going to miss this.  In fact, I had contemplated extending my time in Buenos Aires, but decided that it was probably in my best interests to make it back for this weekend in Vegas.

Day 1

My friend (and business partner) Greg and I arrive in Las Vegas and manage to track down Brandon, Kendall and Jeremy “$100 Slot and Candy College Fund” Enke in the airport and jump in a stretch limo to the Hard Rock Hotel.  (If you know Vegas, you will know that the Hard Rock is one of the best party hotels to stay at in the whole city).  We walk into the hotel and notice a rather large line forming around the check-in counter.  Fortunately, this is completely irrelevant because we are going straight to the VIP Room where our room keys are waiting for us.  Here we pick up the itinerary for the trip which includes things like: partying in the penthouse suite for the HRH hottie model search, dinner at Nobu, private poker tournament, bikini contest in the penthouse, and the best booth in Body English on the last night.  OMFG this is gonna be fun!

After a quick shower and stop in the room we all head to Center Bar (the bar right in the middle of the casino).  Here we meet up with John Halloway, Jeremy Miller, and Mike Murphy (plus his girlfriend Alicia).  We have a few beers, shoot the shit then head over to Ago (Robert Deniro’s restaurant) for an amazing dinner.  I am really picky with food, but this was probably one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had in my life!

After dinner we hit the casino floor for a little gambling.  Jeremy M. helps teach me how to play craps again as I had only played once before.  I quickly lose $150 or so and find out that we are going to be going up to the Penthouse Suite now to help judge a “Hottie Model Search”.

We all pile into an elevator and these two girls follow in behind.  Because we had been taking so long the elevator started to make a buzzing noise, so I said, “Sorry girls, you are too heavy”.  Fortunately they did not hear this, but half of the other people in the elevator did 😀

Up we go to the top floor and walk into one of the most incredible hotel rooms in the world!  The room comes complete with huge bar, bowling alley, stripper pole, massive LCD TV’s everywhere and much more!  There are smoking hot girls walking around everywhere and are all dying to get to know you to try and swing your vote: AMAZING!

We’ll get to the girls pics in a bit, but for now here are a couple from walking around the room:

Me, Kendall, Jeremy, Greg, and Brandon

Jacuzzi with stripper pole in the background

John Halloway

Bowling Alley on Left, Bar area straight ahead

Guitar on the dining room table

After chilling here for a bit and many free vodka red bulls, some of the group decides they are going to hit the strip club.  Greg, Mike and I decide that we would rather hang out at the party for a bit more and hang back, but from what I heard the next day they had quite a night and one stripper in particular by the name of Candy was able to retire that night thanks to Jeremy “Breaking All the Stripclub Etiquette Rules” Enke.

We hang out in the Penthouse for a little while longer and decide to break out for one of the clubs downstairs.  Greg and I head over to Wasted Space, which is a club owned by Freestyle Motocross Rider, Carey Hart (also known for Hart and Huntington Tattoo’s).  Wasted Space is a rock bar/club with attitude and mixes in a bunch of other types of music.  There is gorgeous girls everywhere, amazing music and we have a blast here for several hours.

Wasted Space
Day 2

After only a few hours sleep, I wake up around 8am for some unknown reason.  Possibly the red bull is still flowing in my blood, it could have something to do with all the oxygen they pump in the rooms or I am just really excited about the day ahead.  Since everyone else is still sleeping I decide to hit the casino for some gambling.  I go on a serious run at the craps table (at one point rolling for about 30 minutes straight) and make a few hundred dollars.  Funny Moment: At one point I went to throw the dice and missed the table completely and hit some girl.  The dealer said in all his time there, he had never seen this happen. By this time I manage to get a hold of Brandon and we hit the bar for a bloody mary to reminisce about the debauchery that went down at the strip club.  Apparently one of the Aced Consultants, John, is quite the legend at the Spearmint Rhino and knows many of the strippers personally so he managed to hook the guys up with quite an incredible night.

After some time the rest of the crew starts to file down to the casino floor and we all head for lunch at the Pink Taco.  We have a nice lunch then all head up to the Lucky 7 Suite to do a little presentation about the future of Aced.  We talk about some of the current issues, cool custom features like their Outs program and learn the future plans for the company.  All I can say is that they are definitely headed in the right direction and I expect some big things from these guys in the years to come.

Stripper Pole in the Lucky 7 Suite

Lucky 7 Suite

Bar in the Lucky 7 Suite

Jacuzzi In Front of the Stripper Pole

We break up for a bit and Greg, Mike +GF and I decide to hit the mall for a little shopping.  We pick up some new clothes for the evening and head back to the Hard Rock for a poker tournament that the Aced guys have set up for us.  We have the sickest table in the room which is usually reserved for high roller games.  The poker game is tons of fun and we are pretty much laughing having an amazing time from start to finish.  John Halloway gets nice and lucky against me after calling a bet pre-flop with KJ for a 3rd of his chips.  I have AQ and since over half of my chips are in there I have to push no matter what comes on the flop.  With K Q X on board I make the shove and so goes my chance at the $1500 prize pool generously put up by

The crew playing poker in the new poker room at the Hard Rock.

After the poker ends we head to Nobu for dinner thanks again to the Aced guys.  They organize an Amazing dinner with huge platters constantly being rolled out to our table, sake, something called purple haze and a massive desert platter.  We feast like kings and have a great time over dinner.  For the food pictures you will have to talk to Kendall, as he was doing his John Chow thing after every course came out.

Our table at Nobu

Amazing Red Snapper Dish

The night is young and we are already getting buzzed so we head to the Lucky 7 Suite again for a couple of drinks.  After hanging out for a bit its time once again to go up to the Penthouse Suite for a Bikini Contest with the girls that we met the night before.  I won’t get too much into detail here, but rather just post some pics to show the amazingness that was organized by the Aced guys:

Me and one of the Contestants

The Bikini Contest

Me and Sanja… one of the coolest girls there.

John from on the couch and Carey Hart on the right

The crew in the Lucky 7 Suite

After the contest ended we all headed back to the Lucky 7 Suite again to have some more drinks.  After about 30 minutes it was time to head down to Body English to finish the night off in style.  We had a VIP Host escort us to the club where we were sat at the best table right in the middle of the club.  Our security guy Joe quickly introduced himself and said if we needed anything at all he was there for us and he wasn’t kidding.  Right after that he went to scour the club for hot girls to bring to the booth.  While he was off doing this, our bottles started to arrive in true Vegas style.  3 girls carrying bottles of Dom and Grey Goose show up with huge flares and all:

We were definitely the center of attention for the whole club at that point.  The night got pretty sloppy and people started to head back upstairs to the casino or their rooms.  Brandon, Jeremy M. and I stuck it out the longest then decided to hit the casino after for one last craps session.  The rest of the night is kind of a blur but included things like me playing craps alone at the table for like 45 minutes, Brandon cashing over $100 on a penny slot after one spin that lasted about 15 minutes, and much more.  What a day that was!!!

Day 3

We were all up around noon as many of us had to check-out to catch flights home.  After a quick lunch in the Hard Rock I thought, what Vegas trip would be complete without a trip to the Gun Range.  So, Brandon, John H, Kendall, Mike, Greg and I all got into cabs and made our way over to The Gun Store Las Vegas.  Since many of the people had never fired a gun before, we decided that the Coalition Package was probably our best bet.  This included:

M249 SAW w/40 Rds
M16 Riffle w/25 Rds
M9 Pistal w/ 20 Rds
Three Targets
Package T-Shirt

Here are some pics from this:

John “#6” Halloway – John knew instantly when he saw this target that it was his choice… others were a little more tactful in their approach.  When asked why he chose that one, John replied “I’m from the ATL”

The happiest man holding ammo

Me and the M-16

I think Kendall is even happier than me to be holding that gun!

Thank you Brandon, John and Xander for everything this weekend as this was probably one of the best weekends of my life!

Finally, to wrap this up…. If you aren’t promoting Aced right now, I suggest you do ASAP.  They treat their affiliates like kings, and did so much for us this weekend which I am so thankful!  Or, I could say, if you don’t promote Aced, Brandon will shoot you:

Note… don’t forget to check out John Halloway’s recap also.

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    King of the South says:

    Dude your recap is way sicker than mine. Props to you. Maybe that’s because I wrote mine yesterday when I was still feeling like crap?? Very nice write up, there were many things I forgot/didn’t remember. Can’t wait to hit Vegas again.

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    Randy says:

    Nice recap, I’m sick that I had to miss this man.. I suck at life lol

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    Richard says:

    You lucky b*****d! Loving your expressions in the pics with the girls, LOL!

    Like your style.

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