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Affiliate Manager Tip: Learn To Spell

Just received a nice email from good ol’ PAP and after reading the first line was turned off from reading on:

You have received a new private message at Poker Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Community for Poker Affiliates from hanford, entitled “Affiliate oppertunity“.

The email came from some crap site called Cool Hand Poker (Coolhandpoker.com) which is obviously the site of choice for the math team judging by the picture on their ugly homepage.  The site itself looks very poorly put together and the name is awful.  I guess this is what happens when people don’t want to spend more than $6.95 on their domain registration.

The rest of the email was all about the standard crappy bonuses and typical commissions.  Can’t anyone be original anymore!!!

Anyway, keep on spamming your crap site, but really its just a waste of time as there is no way I would ever promote Coolhandpoker.com.

On a side note, it seems like I have been getting a ton of spam PMs lately over there, but since I don’t go there anymore I could really care less.  Way to keep those spammers out PAP.  Maybe you shouldn’t have gotten rid of all your mods!