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How To Win An Affiliate Contest

As you may know, I have been asked to judge the PAP Contest where a lucky affiliate will win a trip to CAP Euro.  So far I have not been very impressed by several of the entries so I thought I would share some tips in my blog for those that really want to win this thing.

CAP Euro Contest
As a former affiliate contest winner, here are some tips to make it easier for you to win.

1) Stand out from the competition - Make yourself memorable.  When the judges are looking back on all the entries, if yours was very similar to all the others it may get lost in the mix.  Check out Jeremy`s entry for the Shoemoney competition.

2) Sell yourself – Tell the judges why they should pick you, and what makes you better than the rest.  Pretend its a job interview and let them know you REALLY want this job!

3) Make Use of Technology – Similar to the first point, why not make use of current technology.  Video is hot, and everyone likes videos… why not try that!  Some other things you could do is make a flash movie, a comic strip, a song, anything to show how bad you want this thing!

4) Go Overboard – When I won the Poker.com contest to go to the CAC I completely overhauled my site and put Poker.com as the main sponsor of the site.  I had their logos all over the place, and banners where appropriate.  This all goes back to showing how bad you want to win this thing!

5) Be Entertaining – If you make the judges laugh, then you are one step closer to getting their vote.

6) Use Pictures – The last thing the judges want to do is read a 1000 word boring essay on why you are so great.  Mix in some pics to keep them interested.

7) Easy to Read – Make your key points stand out.  I like the format of this list where I state a main point, then explain it in detail after.  It keeps the reader`s interest much longer.

The winner of this V.I.P. Challenge will enjoy the following:

  • Free roundtrip airfare to CAP Euro
  • Paid Hotel at the Olympia – Jan. 24th – 28th
  • A killer dinner and night on the town courtesy of PAP (could get crazy)
  • Entry to and Dinner at the prestigious 2008 CAP Awards Dinner
  • Full Admission Pass to Affiliate Boot Camp 2008 by CanAffco

I will judge this thing very seriously as I have the power to essentially give someone a package worth between $3000-$4000!!!  Only those that truly make an effort will get my votes!

Good luck everyone!